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Wall Stickers, How To Apply?

Adesivi Murali, Come Si Applicano? - CupidoDesign

Applying wall stickers (stickers) is a quick and easy way to give a new style to any room. These decorations are designed to be quickly fixed to the wall, making the process as simple as possible. You can beautify a space on your own in no time by following the advice in this article.

1) Spread the adhesive on a solid and flat surface. If small air bubbles are visible under the transparent film, this is completely normal: this is not a defect in the goods.

2) If it is a fairly large and complicated pattern, it is advisable to divide it into smaller elements so that it is easier to apply the sticker on the wall.

3) Before applying the sticker to the wall, you need to remove any air bubbles that have formed under the transparent film - you can use a plastic scraper to do this. Spread the adhesive on the floor or on the table and pass the scraper from the inside to the outside of the adhesive, pressing it strongly.

4) Now you have to gently remove the motif together with the transparent film from the white paper, making sure that the whole sticker remains attached to the transparent film. If some elements should stick to the white paper, cover them again with the transparent film, run the plastic scraper over them again and try again to peel the motif off the white paper.

5) Take the transparent film with the adhesive attached and place it on the wall. To make it easier to apply the sticker to the wall you can first mark the place where exactly the sticker will be placed (e.g. with a pencil or adhesive tape).

6) Having positioned the sticker on the wall in the chosen place, pass again with the plastic scraper over the entire surface of the sticker to be sure that each of its elements has remained attached to the wall. If air bubbles have formed during application, they can be removed by passing them over with the scraper.

7) Now you have to remove the transparent film from the wall. Start from one corner and then pull the transparent film towards you, slowly and making sure that each element of the adhesive remains attached to the wall and not to the film. If some elements remain stuck to the film, cover them again, pass the plastic scraper over them and try again to remove the transparent film.

8) At the end you can pass the plastic scraper over the surface of the adhesive again, to make sure that everything has remained stuck to the wall and to remove any air bubbles formed during application.

9) Now all you have to do is admire your wall sticker - a beautiful and original wall decoration.

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