Geometric arrangement, furniture dimensions and colours.

The best arrangement of paintings on canvas is the one designed in detail and not at all improvised, as well as respectful of one's tastes. The first tip is to hang the different images at a suitable height, i.e. "at a glance". In other words, you don't have to make extra efforts to appreciate the framing, colors and depth of the picture. Let's say that, roughly, it is good to hang the paintings at a height of one meter and 60-70 centimeters or the average height of the person (however, if you plan to observe the prints especially while seated, this indication can vary downwards).

For greater harmony with the context, it will be necessary to check the presence and distances of corners and edges in the environment (windows, bookcases and so on). It is clear that the best thing to do will be to choose to arrange the paintings following an order that is as schematic and geometric as possible. For example, if you want to highlight the composition of images, placing it on one side of the room only, it will be necessary to intervene with a 'corrective' that harmonizes the visual effect on the other side of the context. Generally, when you go to arrange the paintings on the basis of a geometric type order, you opt for shapes such as rectangle and square.

It is also good to pay attention to the size of the furniture: the paintings should not be hung above furnishings and tables that are too small. As for the colors, you can choose a substantial continuity with the rest of the room or insert certain prints as a breaking element, in a modern key. In the event that there are certain colors in the room that repeat themselves, opting for "supplied" paintings could be a winning choice in a harmonious key. If there is wallpaper or particular tapestries, it will always be good to frame the canvas print to make it stand out at its best.

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